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India's trusted Employee Monitoring Software to monitor employees productivity from anywhere.

Specially designed "Employee Monitoring Tool" for enterprises with cost effective open source technologies.

On-Premise Solution Available

Achievements & Recognition

All you can monitor, All The Time.

Live Screen Monitoring

Head or managers can monitor employee live screen at any time to know what exactly work is going on. This feature helps employer to know employee skill set. For Quality this feature helps to every organization to ensure the employee work quality.

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Idle Employee Alerts

This powerful features is fully configurable. Once set the idle alerts settings it will gives alerts to respective observer of particular employee. It shows idle alerts to employee only if set for employee else not shows alerts to employee, observer and superuser as per specified configured time.

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Automatic Attendance

Save money and time to know the In-time, Out-time, active-time, and idle-time of all employees, our cutting-edge solution fulfills all these requirements with a detailed analytical report, the HR and Operations team.

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Full Productivity Report

Full Productivity Unique Reports to employees, managers, and head. Send daily, weekly and monthly auto mail with On & Off settings, This reports helps to improve overall organization productivity.

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Activities of Employee

Know you employees work pattern and from which time to which time they work actively and idle with events and time

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All Employees Live Status

On single know your whole company attendance status, its showing how many absent, away from work, doing productive work, doing non-productive work, neutral work, uncategorized work and who are idle.

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Screenshots Recording

Fully configurable with ON & OFF settings, time interval to capture screenshots from 1 minute to 60 minutes. The timestamp on each screenshot with PLAYBACK option gives effective past work done monitoring within a minute.

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Employee Face Capture

To confirm whether the allocated assets are used by employees or not, it's also configurable with ON & OFF settings, time interval to capture screenshots from 1 minute to 60 minutes, timestamp with PLAYBACK option.

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Work Shift & Week Off

For the specific team, employee, or all employees, set the shift as per requirement. Hence monitoring happens under the shift timing and working days only, no any data recorded before the shift and after shift time and a weekday off.

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Granular Access

The only company head can monitor all employees, whereas the manager can have access to their team's employees only. This is very important for big companies with multiple locations offices.

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Most used Apps

Get information about the most used applications by the employees with time spent, for an individual, team, or choose any filter from 12 filtering options. Up to 2 years old history you can check.

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Top accessed URLs

See which websites are visited by the employees with time spent, for an individual, team, or choose any filter from 12 filtering options. Up to 2 years old history you can check.

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Features in Details

Employee productivity monitoring software is a powerful tool that helps your organization to track the performance and productivity of its employees This software comes with a range of features that allows the organization to monitor and analyse the activities of their employees and improve their productivity and ensure they are working in the office or in remote conditions.

Time tracking is one of the most important features of employee productivity monitoring software. It helps organizations track the amount of time employees spend on tasks and projects. With this feature, managers can easily see how much time employees are spending on each task and how much time they engage in other unproductive or wasting.

Screen recording is another key feature of employee monitoring and productivity software. This feature allows companies or organizations to record the activities of their employees on their computer screens. With this feature, managers can see exactly what employees are doing or working on their computers and how they are spending their time.

Real-time analytics is another important feature of employee productivity monitoring software. With this feature, the company can track the performance of their employees in real-time and make informed decisions. This feature can help an organization quickly identify any areas where employees need to improve and make changes to increase their productivity.

Reporting and dashboards are also essential features of employee productivity monitoring software. It allows organizations to generate reports and view visual representations of the performance of the employees. It helps to improve and make changes to increase their productivity.

Task management is another crucial part of employee monitoring and productivity software that helps organizations to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. In this feature managers can see what tasks employees are working on when they are working on them, and how much time they spend on each task.

We designed software for companies and businesses that work with employees in the workplace, office, or remote scenarios. Our “Stats-Online Employee Productivity Monitoring Software” is very helpful to companies or organizations to track and monitor employee work and productivity efficiently and improve it.

Employee Monitoring Software aims to know the ability and productivity of employees to do work in offices and remotely to enhance the productivity of the organization hence it is known as “Employee Productivity Monitoring Software”

For large organizations and big companies, we give solutions to their challenges in managing and monitoring each employee and office staff very intelligently. We offer to monitor features country-wise and location and departmental wise team wise project management wise and experience-wise.

Employee productivity monitoring software is a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for organizations to use. This feature makes it simple for managers and owners to access and use the tools and features without needing any technical knowledge. The unique feature of our product is “Work-Bord and Organization Structure” kept out stand from other products in the market and provides easy access to employees in any location for the monitoring and tracking of anything you want.


Monitor all employees effectively

For big companies, we solve their challenge to monitor all employees very intelligently. e.g. Monitoring by Country wise, Location wise, department wise, team wise, project wise, experience wise etc.. A unique concept of our product is "Work-Board" & "Organization Structure" gives you the easy access of selection of any location employee for monitoring anything which you required.

  • See whole organization active and idle work time
  • See whole organization time sheet
  • Get insights for each location & team

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Employee Live Screen Streaming

Know the working style of your employee with live screen monitoring of employee's PC screen. Yes, its without employee intervention and bandwidth is not affected if the same screen monitoring with multiple observers.

  • Assigned task live status checking
  • Assigned the appropriate task
  • Helps to employee on mistakes

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Employee Idle Time Alerts

Set the alerts for employee if he is idle for more than required time. Continues work on screen not good but giving rest to eye more than the required time means "Sleep".

  • Set alert for employee
  • Set alerts for team observer
  • Set alerts for super user

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Screenshots Recording & Playback

To know the history work done by employee screenshots takes as per set interval and stored, which can be monitored at any time.
Screenshot recording and monitoring features allow monitoring history tasks done by the employee with a time stamp.

  • Past task checking
  • Ensure the quality of work done
  • Helps to improve employees skillset

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The active & idle time

Active and idle time summary features give you the overlook of how much time employees working actively and they are idle.
This summary can be generated for full organization, for any location office, any team or department, and for the individual employees.

  • Know the overall active time of employees
  • Point out the most active employee
  • Figure out the less active employee

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In & Out time Report For Payroll

For remotely working employees this feature is helps to know the employee's "IN" time means when he logged in to the allocated PC or laptop and "OUT" time when employees shut down the PC or laptop.
It also considers as employees' attendance, exported reports give much more insights which help for analysis.

  • Records Employees IN Time
  • Records Employees OUT time
  • Attendance report for processing salaries

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Top Used Applications

Which application mostly used in an organization is directly noticed by this feature. We can check the top used application within the whole organization or for any location or for any department or team and for the individual employees.
It also helps to understand the most useful application for the organization and least useful application for the organization.

  • Most useful application
  • Know the importance of the application
  • Department wise usefull application

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Top accessed URL & Website

To getting the clear view of which are the URL or websites are accessed within the company, on which URL most time is spent all these details showing this reports.
This report helps the company to understand the most accessed URL's importance or drawback and take the required action.

  • Records most accessed URL
  • Know the time spent on the URL
  • Get the most and least useful websites or URL

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Employees Shift & Weekend Settings

In a company, where employees working in shifts and different weekdays off, so the settings for the same allows to record the data or monitor the employees within the shift timing and working days.
Before or After shift timing we can not monitor the employee's live screen and data not captured before or after shift timing and weekdays off.

  • Set working timing of employees
  • Set weekends for the employees
  • Captured data within the set shift and working days

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Employees Activity Monitoring

In this feature, superusers or observers can check each employee activity for a specific date. At a time we can check who is actively worked and who is idle for which time.

  • Check each employee activity for any date
  • Observe multiple employee activities for same day
  • Investigate single employee activity for multiple days


Employees Face Capture

Face capture is our one of the unique feature, our existing client demanded us for this feature. Here companies provided the assets to their work from home employees and want to know whether their employees accessing the provided assets or other than the employee is accessing it.

  • Enable or disable face capture feature at any time
  • Set the time interval to capture the face snap of an employee
  • See the employee snaps with timestamp along with playback option


Employees Live Status Tracking

This is the unique attractive feature of our Employee Monitoring Software which is very useful for big enterprises. In the single window, we can see all employee's current i.e. live status.

  • Get information about which employee is currently accessing which app or URL
  • See who is absent, who is working on a productive and non-productive app or URL
  • Who is idle, who is away and who is working on an uncategorized app or URL
  • Mark productive and non-productive app for each employee


Screen Video Recording

A newly launched feature by us. Due to high demand from our existing clients, we successfully implemented this feature which helps companies to understand employee's work styles and helps employee's to improve their skillsets.

  • Know the employee's skillsets for future project assignments.
  • Point out the employee's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help to find out the employee's mistakes and fix.
  • Investigate the issues or incidents easily.
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Employee Monitoring Software Pricing Plan

For Demo and POC feel free to contact us.
The below pricing is for on-premise or your cloud deployment.

Basic Plan


Per Month Per Employee Charged Annually

  • Live status of All Employees
  • Productivity Report Via e-mail
  • Productivity Report in Excel
  • Tabular Analytic Report
  • Screenshots with playback
  • Employee Face Capturing
  • Activity Graph
  • Idle Employee Alerts
  • Active & Idle Time Report
  • Time Sheet With Events
  • Accessed Apps Report
  • Visited URL Report
  • Shift & Week-off Settings
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Rs. 149 INR /Employee/Month
  • Rs.899INR or $15 /Observer/Month
  • Free Demo & 15 Days Trial
  • Cloud & On-premise Solution

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Advance Plan


Per Month Per Employee Charged Annually

  • Employee Screen Video Recording
  • Employee Live Screen Streaming
  • Live status of All Employees
  • Productivity Report Via e-mail
  • Productivity Report in Excel
  • Tabular Analytic Report
  • Screenshots with playback
  • Employee Face Capturing
  • Activity Graph
  • Idle Employee Alerts
  • Active & Idle Time Report
  • Time Sheet With Events
  • Accessed Apps Report
  • Visited URL Report
  • Shift & Week-off Settings
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Rs. 599 INR /Employee/Month
  • Rs.899INR or $15 /Observer/Month
  • Free Demo & 15 Days Trial
  • Cloud Solution

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Our Clients Happy Thoughts For Us

Employee monitoring software has been a game changer for many big organizations and small and medium enterprises. By keeping track of employees’ activity, companies are able to increase productivity, prevent misuse of company resources, and maintain a secure work environment. Here we have the benefits of using employee monitoring software.

One of the biggest benefits of employee monitoring software is the increase in productivity it brings. Employees are more focused on the task they are assigned. Employee monitoring software also helps an organization manage its time more effectively. By tracking employee activity, managers can identify where the employee waste their productive time during office hours and provide feedback and training to improve their performance.

Additionally, the software also tracks time spent on projects allowing managers to accurately allocate resources and ensure projects are completed within the desired timeframe.

Employee monitoring software also helps to maintain a secure environment by preventing the misuse of company resources. For example, it can track access to sensitive information and flag suspicious activity. This helps to prevent data hacks and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information of the organization.

Employee monitoring software can help organizations ensure that are meeting these requirements by tracking employee activity and providing reports and alerts if any violations occur.

Finally, employee monitoring software can also help organizations save money. By tracking employee activity and identifying areas where time is being wasted, an organization can make changes to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Additionally, by preventing data breaches and ensuring compliance, organizations can avoid costly fines and legal fees.

Our clients are thrilled with the benefits of using employee monitoring software. We are glad to share that in every state and city of India, we have clients, so if you are from India from any city or state, we definitely provide a reference to you. Not only in India but we provide our service across the globe over more than 17 countries and increasing the number of happy clients every day Its our pleasure every month more than 150 clients connect with our clientele.

If you are looking to improve your organization’s performance, productivity then try our employee monitoring software for 15 days trial and free demo it helps to increase productivity and better time management, to improved security, and cost savings, and also has proven to be valuable assets for the organizations of all sizes. Our employee productivity and monitoring software are definitely worth considering.


The purpose is 100% fulfill by the solution provided by V K Control's Offline Employee PC Monitoring Software for Windows OS. Support from installation to configuration and after-sales support is excellent.

— Arun Kumar, Hindustan Hydraulics


For our, all group of companies we are using V K controls both solutions, GST Invoicing software & Offline Employee PC Monitoring Software. We are using both software for the last 4 years, the team provides on-time support.

— Raju Ghule, Rajas Group


Best support by Team V K Control, we have invoicing software using for our company for the last 7 years. The easy and user-friendly product is highly recommended to every business.

— Tamara Oliveira, Maximus Printing, Massachusetts


For our company we using GST online and offline both software, it's really helpful for business operation. Support from India provided in the USA via remote session is very excellent.

— Jason Baily, TDP Industries, USA


I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from team V K Control. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. I have got a good billing & Inventory software for my business use. My service response has increased because of Sleek Bill and I will definitely use your services again. Thanks!

— Satbir Dhull, Damia Global Services Pvt Ltd


Very co operative. I have facing problem with product but they solve all my problem by online. Thank you very much for ur cooperation. Thanks.

— SURESH CHANDRA DAS, Sanjeevani Herbal And Organic Pvt Ltd

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The bunch of crazy minds behind magical products & support

Officially we started our operation in 18th Sept 2015, our Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U74999MH2015PTC268517, GSTIN 27AAFCV2449G1Z7 . Company starts with two and we are growing year by year.

Vicky Kalbande Director & CEO

Despite of having his degree as Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer his passion is Avionics, for entrepreneurship laid the foundation of V K Control systems in 2015. Due to his previous experience as trainee engineer of AirIndia and One97 Communications Limited (Paytm) he is expert in customer relationship and services. He has shown new horizon to V K Controls in just 1 years.

— Vicky Kalbande, Founder & CEO

Nirmala Narayan

Nirmala is Master in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar thoughts and Ph.D. In Social empowerment, from last 26 years she is working on ground level for mentally handicapped rural students who specially belongs to below poor background. She is Marathi poet, social worker, active secretory of board of study SGB Amravati University.

— Nirmala Narayan, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ravi aka Heloss

Chief architect of Employee Productivity Monitoring Software, he did bachelor degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. Hobbies are future biology, space & rocket science also he is author of the best seller Book "Bramhagyan", this book is available on amazon its gives you the info about science behind lord Shiva.

— Heloss aka Ravi Kakade, Director, CTO & Chief Architect


Sonal ensures the every clients satisfaction and providing the in depth product details to fulfill clients need and make them happy as our client.

— Sonal, COO & Head - CS


The only focus is on how to genrate leads by marketing and improve rank in search engines, SEO strategies implementation.

— Shrutesh, CMO


Aparna served 30 years for Air India and headed the Flight Operation. In V K Control Aparna focuses on Enterprise Business Operations.

— Aparna, CBO - Enterprise Business


After successfully delivering pre-sales support to leads, helped to lead conversion then she was promoted to the enterprise sales team.

— Ashvini, Head - Enterprise Sales


Madhuri handles the hundreds of inbound calls for invoicing solution "Sleek Bill", her task is to onboard the clients with a smile.

— Madhuri, Head - Inside Sales


He is responsible for ensuring the broad support channel to our clients from our partners across the world and onboaring of new partners.

— Kovid, Manager - Partnership


His job is connecting with Charter Accountants and providing the solutions that help them to save time and money.

— Akhil, Manager - CA Alliance


Tejal takes care of all teams, keeping the team on high energy, implementing best HR practices and ensuring the ROI.

— Tejal, Business - HR


All team monitoring and work-done operations are taken care of by Nikita. She encourages the team to finish assigned tasks.

— Nikita, Operations - HR


Our digital presence activity and campaigns are managed by Priyanka collaboratively with the SEO team. She is working in Shrutesh's team.

— Priyanka, Manager - Digital Marketing


Pre and post sales support process managing by Akash, he love to delivering the software product demo and clarifying clients doubts.

— Akash, Asst. Manager - Support


He loves content writing, web designing, and optimization. Prashant is working in our in-house marketing team headed by Shrutesh.

— Prashant, Asst. Manager - Digital Marketing


Product licenses and GST invoice, Proforma, Quotations, GST Invoicing process by him. He additionally taking care of our finance and accounts.

— Pravin, Head - Licensing & Invoicing


Rajat keeps eye on product bugs and issues during client support and rushes to fix and deliver customer satisfaction.

— Rajat - Asst. Manager Support


Prashish takes care of technical support for invoicing solution "Sleek Bill", his aim is for every client should get on-time support.

— Prashish, Asst. Manager Support


Gourav takes care of technical support for invoicing solution "Sleek Bill", his aim is for every client should get on-time support.

— Gourav, Asst. Manager Support


Internal application development and updating the same which ensures the smooth organization operations. .

— Rahul, App Developer


The company ROC compliance, accounting taxes & audits work looking by Anil.

— Anil Patel, Tax Consultant


The company financial documentation and related responsibilities taking care by Vipul.

— Vipul Patel, Financial Consultant


Rajik keeps eye on product bugs and issues during client support and rushes to fix and deliver customer satisfaction.

— Rajik - Sleek Bill - Support


Krutik takes care of technical support for invoicing solution "Sleek Bill", his aim is for every client should get on-time support.

— Krutik, Sleek Bill - Support

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Try Free Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Remote Employee Monitoring Software refers to software used by organizations to monitor the productivity and performance of remote employees. In today’s fast-paced digital age more and more companies are transitioning to a remote workforce, and this has brought the need for efficient remote employee monitoring.

Free remote employee software is an excellent option for companies that are looking for an affordable solution to monitor their remote employees. With this software, organizations can track the activities of their remote employees and ensure they are working efficiently.

One of the primary benefits of using remote employee monitoring software is that helps an organization maintain productivity levels. When employees are working remotely, it can be challenging to monitor their progress and ensure they are working efficiently. Another advantage of using remote employee monitoring software is that it helps companies to reduce operational costs. When employees are working remotely, they can often work flexible hours and complete tasks outside of regular working hours, which can result in cost savings for the organization.

Moreover, remote employee monitoring software can help the organization to ensure the security of its data. When employees are working remotely, it can be challenging to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure. With the help of remote employee monitoring software, organizations can monitor or track the activities of their employees and ensure that confidential information is protected.

Free remote employee monitoring software can also be a great solution for small businesses and startups that looking to implement remote work policies. This software is easy to use and can be set up quickly, making them ideal for organizations that are just out.

With a trial for free remote employee monitoring software companies and organizations can ensure that their remote employees are working effectively and securely. Share your detailed requirement with us to provide the right and best choice of solution for you. There is various employee monitoring software available in the market that is good but they provide specific and fewer features which consumer not satisfy or they lack the main features required for each organization. Our software with” the live employee desktop screen monitoring feature is developed using cutting–edge technology making us the best and most affordable employee monitoring software in the market. If your employee or working staff asks for an employee tracking system the “Stats Online Employee PC Monitoring Software” is the best solution for your organization. Remote employee monitoring software is essential and very effective software for organizations that looking to monitor the performance and productivity of their remote employees.

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What is live screen monitoring in Employee Productivity Monitoring Software?

For quality check in organization QA and its team closely monitor the employees live screen for which we called Employee Live Screen Streaming. Without intervention of employee the QA team monitor the screen and ensure the quality of the employees skill which may be improved if found some lags.

How do I use the idle alerts feature in Employee Productivity Monitoring Software?

Once organization structured is uploaded by the superuser, superuser should need to turn ON the settings of the "Alerts", then super user or observer can set the alert. Select the team or required employee from the organization structure then to set alerts from settings set a required time frame and save.

Is Employee Monitoring Software available to my country?

Yes and the important thing is all location across the globe can be monitored from any location of the world. This product is specially designed for big enterprises who have multiple offices in multiple countries. So we serve the service in any area of the our "Earth"

Is On-premise solution is available for "Employee Monitoring Software"?

Yes, we provide the On-premises solution on-demand for more than 500 & above employees licenses. For on-premises solution the cost of required IT infrastructure should be born by the client/user/company.

We are happily serving services In All States & UT's of India & 17 Other Countries

The cards and work-board unique terminology of our Online Employee Monitoring Software helps user to navigate the particular employee in very big organization. This product is not bounded for any specific business like others, so dont worry this is 100% suitable for your business and the primary requirement should fulfill. We are very glad to inform you, in each State and UT's of India popular cities we have more than 100 clients.

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