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We provide free website design service, For Small Businesses, And we push your business online

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We are taking initiative to onboard every Indian business on World Wide Web. If you own a business in the era of digital world, website helps you to grow your business. Ultimately our free website solution gets your business on online platform.

You must be thinking why are we providing free website?You may have multiple questions about this. Very clearly, we would like to mention here, we are providing 4 page static website for any kind of business who is looking for their own website. All you need to worry about is your hosting and domain name expense. You can take any suitable hosting plan and domain name from us. Our only condition is that you take hosting and domain name from us, this helps us to help more small businesses to get their businesses on World Wide Web. Once you receive our free website service and if you are happy, you may monetize us by your wish.

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Frequently asked questions for free website solution

1.We get to do our branding on your website footer

2.You can upgrade your free website by paying additional charges

3.You have a choice to sell your product from your website by integrating payment gateway (Please Note: Charges for payment gateway will apply)

4. Free website helps you to promote your business online. You may take our paid services for SEM and SEO services

1. As we provide free website, you have right to choose a suitable hosting plan and domain name

2.Once you choose the domain name we will check the availability of domain name for the same. If it is available then you can buy it separately.

3.Once youreceive your domain name, you can choose and confirm the hosting plan.

4.Once you have domain name and hosting, you need to provide us with the required content material like pictures/videos to complete the website for you

5.After getting the required information document from your side, you site will be live within 15 days

1.You will get 4 page static website developed in open source platform

2.You can get 4 pages namely:

a.HOME, where your company's basic info will appear

b.ABOUT US, this page will contain the founder’s details, company's vision, mission and achievements

c.Products/Services Page, this page will showcase your offered products/services along with images and their prices

d.This is the fourth and last page of free website which is very important for the visitor/prospect customer's lead. In this page, website visitor gets your contact information like address, email, and phone number(s)