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Billing & Invoicing Software

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For accounting of profit a big enterprises or enterprise uses the billing and invoicing software. In big enterprise billing modules consist of vendors bills entries, expenses and salaries of employees. Invoicing modules are responsible for raising invoices to clients or customers

Invoicing or Billing Software

Invoicing software or billing software is a same term. GST Billing Software or GST invoicing Software are those software which help to generate GST compatible invoices. In some countries uses VAT Billing Software. Here we clear that the Invoice created for sales or provided service.

What is mean by GST Invoicing Software?

India from July 2017 GST is in force hence the Indian Business should need to provide invoice to their clients or customers in GST format. The GST format guide lines are suggest by the Government of India GST department.

While any business sale something or provide service to their client then they should need to provide invoice for it. In India for invoice we called Bill. But the term bill is generally mean when we purchase goods or service and we get invoice from supplier, simply supplier or vendor invoice knows as bills. That is the reason when client/customer buy something then they ask us for bill not an invoice, but the seller called its invoice.

Now, GST invoice created using software knows as GST invoicing software. When we purchase goods or service and get the bills from supplier or vendor and we made the entry of purchase bill knows as billing software or GST billing software.

GST invoice or bill should have include below points and it never missed from invoice or bill.

GSTIN Registration

Company name as per GSTIN registration

invoice provider

GSTIN number of invoice provider

GST Certificate

Registered address of the business as per GST certificate

Invoice Number

Invoice date

conatact number and email id

Contact number and contact information like phone number and email id

Place of Supply

Client name

Client GSTIN number if available

Address of client and ship to address*

Item or product or service name with HSN or SAC code

item product HSN SAC

Unit price or basic price of product or service


Tax amount in head under CGST, SGST or IGST

tax in percentage

Tax in percentage

total amount

Total amount at bottom

transport details

Transport details only if goods is transport

E-Way Bill

E-way Bill number if transported goods value is more that INR 1 lac.

json file

E-way Bill Json File

Below is the best GST invoice format which is standard and approved as per GST guidelines. You can also try this popular invoice format for your business. To free 14 days trial contact us just left the call back request with your valid details.