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Effective marketing helps businesses increase their sales through deeper market reach. We at V K Control help you reach the Indian market by eradicating the problem of local language. We not only help bridge the language gap but also help you anticipate the needs and wants of your potential customers and help you provide detailed knowledge about your product to the target audience. We are well aware of the essentiality of knowing the customer and their pain areas and with our valuable experience we help you understand the market in most simplified version.

If you are looking for a partner, write to us now on marketing@vkcontrol.com and schedule an online or a face to face meeting.

Google My Business (GMB).

This tool is use for to register your business in google and it is totally free of coast. Google My Business

Google Search Engine Console

It increases your SEO by submitting URL in it, it is also free tool.

Google + Business Page

This tool is represent your business name with products and services with information about it. This is the google tool help instead of website for small shops or local businesses. Google + Business Page

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the google eye which we can see where google marked red and where we need to improve. Google Webmaster Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This google tool is very useful for identifying correct most searched keyword to write content for website or blog. Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Google AdWords

For Paid Ad on Google This tool use for running paid ad on google and optimising our ad. Google AdWords.

Google Trends

Is use for smarter keyword selection Google Trends

Google Alerts

It gives access to monitor a specific keyword or phrases on web Google Alerts.

Google News

It helps to spread your story of product helps to increase marketing success. Google News

Google Analytics

This tool tracks the performance of your website Google Analytics

Google Insights

This tool allows to search key by their trend over time. Google Insights

Google Places

It use for to get real presence on google map which help customer to reach to buy. Google Places

Offline Marketing or outdoor marketing

ofline marketing

As we discussed offline marketing is the task which can be physically need to do. This does not require internet and it only covers the limited area where the task is perform. But in todays word for particular businesses it helps very effectively to attract customers e.g. Real Estate.

Below are the some popular way for offline marketing.

Street hoarding

The road side street hoardings are very popular but choosing of right road to place product or services hoarding is more important. Once you found the road from where your prospects customers drive now you need to design a attractive hoarding to place their. this is the semi economical marketing coast depends on area where ad placed.

News Papers Ad

It is a print media tools to use for marketing of products and services. A news paper readers also attracts on ad appeared in news paper while they reading it. If the reader is prospects customer the ad impact over and marketing gets results. Mostly offers and discounts related ad attracts the news paper readers. Some premium news papers like Times of India, Economics Times ad works for corporate sector to present the brand in corporate market. This ad coasting is depend on reader base of particular news paper and location, but it is reasonable than other ad.

Television Ad

This is the costly medium of offline marketing but it is the only tool to present products visually by videos. Videos are creatively done to promote products through TV ad. A only Audio Visual ad medium is TV ad and still it is very popular, because its not only promotes the product its engage the customer via melody or slogan. e.g. Melodies for Videocon Washing Machine, Hamara Bajaja, Ness Cafe etc. This is the tool of effective marketing using socio economic ethics of todays world.

Radio Ad

Radio ad is an Audio presentation of product with unique melodies. Even if TV ad audio can run over radio and its affects the marketing positively as melody plays an important role. It is the audio cost effective solution and widely used in metros because most of cars plays radios instead of stories.

5. Magazin Ad and Articles

Magazin is another print media tool, but unlike news paper magazines are not mostly read by prospect. But their is has own customers base who represent a special class, a magazines are specifically published under specific subject and hence it attracts the specific customer base. By choosing the magazine which specifically represent similar product or service of ours. This is worth full print media to publish article over technological products as well as expert interview.

small business

Above ways are choose for marketing by enterprises, SME’s & SMB’s.

Small and micro businesses, local stores also use the TV ad on local cable network, local news papers and by printing leaflets, banners & pamphlets. This cost effective tools helps small 7 local businesses to grow.


For whom we do marketing?

Principal company

This is the very important questions. We do marketing for our principal companies product. Now one more question is arises, what is principal company? Well, If any foreign countries company developed a featured product and want to market in India and Asia. Instead of set up their own office in India they made us their business partner for India or for Asia, so these foreign company called as Principal Company.

As principal company made us partner, As per agreement sign between, we are fully responsible for sales & support for their product. The business agreement between product development company and us gave us right to what we do for their product. If this agreement mentioned “Marketing” rights and they monetise for it, then only we do the marketing.