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Invoicing & Billing Software for SMB

Invoicing and Billing Software specially design for SMB or Micro, Small and medium size or scale businesses are very useful. Smooth operation of such business is always need to keep eye on their invoicing with paid and unpaid invoices. While bills to be paid is also the most accountable factor.

Billing and invoicing are the two terms ensures that the profitability of business. To avoid the losses in business every invoice should be pay by clients. Once you get amount from client against the invoice you can pay to your vendors or suppliers for bills

Other expenses also defines the role of your invoices paid status. Without paid invoices you can not afford the expenses which is essential for running business.

What is micro, small and medium size or scale businesses and its meaning?

Micro business

A business with size of 1 to 10 employees including owner of business called micro business. Some cases the size of business with 2 to 20 employees with revenue less than 1 million is also knows as micro business.

Small business

Small business consist of of below 50 employees and the revenue is below 10million. The investment cost for plant or machinery is between 25 lacs that 2.5 million.

Mid size business

Now the mid size or medium size of businesses considerably a more than 100 to 250 employees and 100 million of revenue. In mid size business the investment cost reach up to 5 crore i.e. 50 million.

Business Sectors or field or nature of businesses

In India, major three business sectors are exists.

Trading Sector

Service Sector

Manufacturing Sector

While the export and import business is the part of service sector but it fits between trading and service sector.

What is mean by Trading Sector of business?

This is very big sector in India and almost in world. This business does the trade of physical goods or product. This have subpart like Agencies, Distributors, Dealers and Retailers. In this sector Agents buy the goods and sell to the distributors. Distributors sell to dealers. Dealers sales to retailers and retailers sell to the end users. e.g. sugar trading, floor trading and FMCG trading.

his is the business chain in trading sector. Their size of business is depend on the term which we seen above.

What is mean by service sector of business?

Service sector is the second highest after trading sector. Here services are delivered by service provider businesses. No any physical goods are sell in this sector. their is ay be the chain of service sector for particular services like Software or SAAS product. Development companies may outsource the support or service of SAAS product. The few example of service sectors are house keeping services, car wash services, web hosting etc.

What is mean by manufacturing sector of business?

It may be includes trading of physical goods, because to manufacture product or goods the manufacturer may buy raw material from outside and then creates the finished goods. After making finished good he sell it out to Agencies to distribution purpose. Manufacturing business is the producers of goods or finished product. Let us see the example for sugar manufacturing. Here manufacturer buy the sugar cane from the farmer who is the sole producer of sugar cane then manufacture the sugar and sell it out for distribution. Some examples of manufacturing business is nails factory, tiles factory, still factory etc.