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Affects of covid 19 outbreak in the world economy?

30 Mar 2020 Posted By Nidhi

While Covid-19 outbreak has troubled people of all class, gender and trade it has given some serious life lessons to us. It has taught us a good lesson on hygiene, patience, preparedness and hope.

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How is the digital world dangerous for the children?

20 Mar 2020 Posted By Nidhi

We all know that digital world is huge with a plethora of information about the whole lot and children these days are exposed to all that at a very tender age

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How to make work from home easy and effective?

24 Mar 2020 Posted By Nidhi

Managing a work from home could be difficult for both, employer and the employees. There are measures that can be taken to ensure that the ends meet and productivity is not hampered. It is important to stay connected with your team and focused at work.

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