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Top 7 problems the employees face while working from home

14 Apr 2020 Posted By Nidhi

With no time consuming commute, no team leaders standing on your head, remote work looks wonderful. But, it’s not. It has a lot of challenges to offer along with the comfort of home.

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Top 10 reasons to monitor children's internet use

17 Apr 2020 Posted By Nidhi

The internet offers plethora of information and entertainment and an open platform for people to communicate from across the world. Internet provides an equal opportunity to everyone to take part in online conversations, activities and festivities.

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A Guide to Employee Monitoring Software

22 Apr 2020 Posted By Sohail

Every year, employers process the employee performance review. The performance appraisal is as difficult for the employees as it is for the employer. The main reason behind this is that both the parties have no clue about what has happened over the past one year. Performance review is about understanding the expectations and working towards the set goals. As a manager or a team leader, one needs to constantly monitor the productivity of the employees.

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Modern Employee Monitoring Software

2 Apr 2020 Posted By Nidhi

The thought of monitoring employees at work is a century old thing. These days organisations are growing teams are getting dispersed across various countries and data and processes are getting stored in computers and on cloud. This has made monitoring of employees very important across all the industries.

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6 Apr 2020 Posted By Nidhi

Employee monitoring refers to monitoring the employees work hour activities through various technical channels we have today. One of such channels is the Employee PC monitoring software, with the help of which employer can track details of the employee activities on the internet and other activities that are performed during the work hours.

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Your Child's Health

13 Apr 2020 Posted By Nidhi

Preventing children from Covid 19? Prevent them from the online diseases too. Use Children PC Monitoring software to safeguard you children from dangers of the internet. Guide them and help them in their path to success. Use our Personal PC Monitoring Software to guide your children on what is wrong and what is right and protect them falling prey to the online predators.

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