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What role do we play at V K Control System Pvt. Ltd.?

We at V K Control System work as your business partners and provide bridge to deliver your software product in India and Asia. If you are an international company and have questions about reaching Indian or Asian market for your business, then the answer is V K Control System Pvt. Ltd. We take care of your business in India. We are committed to provide product support and sales resulting in smooth operations and growth our support services not only save cost and time but also help companies to improve sales by providing pre-sales & post-sales support.


What does Support mean to us?

We believe that “Service stays forever” and this makes it even more important to deliver a flawless pre-sales and post-sales support. It not only ensures client’s trust but also boosts company’s growth by “referrals” and “ word of mouth”.

We at VK Control System have more than 3 years of experience in providing support for various software products. Our local support executives nullify the challenge that natives face while working on a software that’s available in English. India being a diverse country has around 22 regional languages which makes it all the more important to have a support that can be delivered in a language of their preference, so that the clients are able to comfortably clear all doubts and understand the product fully. Hence having top support is most noteworthy in retaining clients and helping in on-boarding new clients.

Customer Support

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Pre-sales support is very important part in sales process. This is the lead nurturing process by providing friendly demonstration of product to end user. Once lead happy with demo of product, its’ stronger the relationship with reps’. Lead feels comfortable with the same reps for sharing his doubt before purchasing product. Ultimately pre-sales building the trust by client and help to convert leads to client.


Post-sales support process is helps to retain clients by providing clarification over their doubts, helping to resolve issues in product & accepting their suggestions. Apart from pre-sales, post-sales support plays an important role to keep client benefited by optimum user level of product. After purchasing the product by client, the process of support from scratch to on-boarding and after sales support.

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White Paper on Support

Our white paper is very clear and purely product or service customer support oriented. In India 85% clients do the business when they get support from their own language. Simply it is a human tendency, when they feel comfort they are settled. Customer support is on of the department who makes the product reach to their end point. Even furthermore we found that most of the good product provider never share their contact details like telephone numbers and address where they exist and subsequently loos the business from the territory. Here in white paper, helps you to know how we help you even you are located overseas or offshore. The process of customer support is the business or our which start from the product reach to client on-boarding. The key points in white paper clear nature of our business and how we help on the fact. Everyone only trust when they see or heard from real human. Being a human and help to human is our one of the phrase in this process. If you are the offshore SAAS or Product Company and looking for Quality Support provider from India a most diversified country in the Asia just hit one mail to us or feel contact form with your valid details. To know more read our white paper then share your word with us, for which we always welcome. Doesn’t matter whether it work for us, the matter is it should work for you.



Sales is the backbone of every organization and we help international organisations enter Indian and Asian market by providing our unparallel sales and support services. When you partner with us, we provide you hassle free sales services starting from lead qualification to conversion resulting in new customers in less than stipulated time period. We work closely to help international companies penetrate the Asian market resulting in the best ROI in the shortest time possible. If you are looking for a business partner to enter the Asian market then you are at the right page, send us an email onmarketing@vkcontrol.com. Once we receive your email, our CMO will get in touch with you to understand your product and business terms. Already partnered with us? Let’s get ready to sell your product in Asia.

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Role of marketing in businesses

Effective marketing helps businesses increase their sales through deeper market reach. We at V K Control help you reach the Indian market by eradicating the problem of local language. We not only help bridge the language gap but also help you anticipate the needs and wants of your potential customers and provide detailed knowledge about your product to the target audience. We are well aware of the essentiality of knowing the customer and their pain areas and with our valuable experience we help you understand the market in most simplified version. If you are looking for a partner, write to us now on marketing@vkcontrol.com. and schedule an online or a face to face meeting.

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