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What is Employee PC Monitoring?

Employee PC monitoring software is a simple user friendly tool that helps reduce the gap between management and employees by letting the management know and understand what their employees are doing during the office hours. It keeps all records of the work that has been performed throughout the day and helps management take decisions about work assignment and employees’ day’s schedule. This increases engagement at work and hence the productivity increases.

Employee PC Monitoring provides various features such as

  • 1. Screen shots on every mouse click
  • 2. Records text typed using keyboard
  • 3. Records copied data – images, text, files from disk as well as USB pen drive
  • 4. Records files created /deleted
  • 5. Records visited websites and can block websites of your choice.
  • 6. Records different programs visited.
  • 7. Can block USB devices, e.g., pen drives for a user
  • 8. Receive email alert as soon as objectionable text is typed on your computer.
  • 9. Receive recorded snapshot and text through email.