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the ultimate goal behind support process

Any size of business fully rely on Sales Target and in short time it is very hard to achieve target. In comparison to marketing, sales is a term which is a content of marketing process (for more details see marketing). By the way under sales, pre-sales support generally plays very important role.

Sales Reps

Namely sales reps should have the primary knowledge of the product which he is likely going
to sale. Subsequently sales reps should aware with the competitors products otherwise he is not able present product more effectively.

What Should have ?

  • The role of Sales Reps in any organisation directly coupled with growth of organisation. However in the case of Technical sales, Sales Reps should have technical background to adopt the products details in short time.
  • A command over the technical aspects to elaborate product with example and there cos and pros.
  • He should aware with the other technology likewise in market but due to special benefit the product developed in used technology.
  • Relationship building is the one of the tool helps sales to reach next level. Clients are also a human being and every human loves to hear good and interesting stuff which help them to reduce their efforts.
  • Clear, smooth, understandable and polite way of speaking is the crown of the sales reps
  • Where sales reps stands on platform, this platform is his good listening and understanding of clients words. Clients pain words catching is the very important before presenting product.
  • On the spot questions making to get more out from clients, this skill is particularly solution available in product which going to present.
  • Commitments, should take care before making any commitment. By word or in written form only make possible and feasible commitment with clients. Do not make any false commitment because it affects on client relationship and as a result definitely we loos our future clients on the spot.
  • Short support over the product issues/errors will helps sales reps to close lead in early stage. So the continuously get in touch with support team improve his support skill.

Who will be good sales reps

It is very difficult to say about who will become a good or excellent sales reps. Who love to talk and love to talk with world will be the best sales reps. But inspite of that he or she should have helping nature over the problem. Nowadays inside sales is very aggressively does the good job. Reason behind that they are working in house and they gets cookies from support team. Support team gets the most problems from clients on the basis of those problem sales reps prepare before proceeding for sale.

Inside Sales

Office workstation equipped with all modern gadgets and colleagues is the tonic of sales reps. Who take care of sales from organisations office basically called inside sales reps.

Benefits Of Inside Sales Team

  • Saving time on finding more leads, in this era using social platform like linkdin and other sources inside sales team productivity increases in comparison to field sales.
  • Even more from office using clients profile inside sales reps learn more about clients and deeply prepare for further step.
  • To identify prospect lead, inside sales team study the leads nature of business, on the basis of that they prepare the questions list for leads.
  • Taking appointment of prospects lead is the not an easy task. In this stage the list of questions helps to convince for appointment.
  • Appointment is of any type, it may be skype call, telephone call, on site visit, face to face meeting the first stage of sales is attain when sales reps get appointment.
  • Nurturing lead is very well taking by inside sales and it helps to ensures the followup till lead closure.