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Invoicing & billing software for Enterprise

For accounting of profit a big enterprises or enterprise uses the billing and invoicing software. In big enterprise billing modules consist of vendors bills entries, expenses and salaries of employees. Invoicing modules are responsible for raising invoices to clients or customers. Specially developed ERP software are suitable for enterprises.

Just billing and invoicing does not fulfill the need of big enterprises. Each and every enterprise have their own software developed to fulfill their need or they out sourced the software. Such specially developed software where, their each and every demand is fulfill as per the terms and conditions furnished in agreement called as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Enterprises only use the the ERP solutions which may be inhouse or developed by others. ERP solution are very much costly than the standard product solution. Simply the basic invoicing software per year cost is INR2000 while the one module license cost of ERP is INR1000000 and implementation cost is up to INR1000000 and service cost is INR200000 per year hence in ERP for one module you need to spend minimum INR2200000 at first time. The businesses whose turn over more than 100 crore can easily afford the ERP systems cost up to 5-10 crores.

The featured modules should have to in ERP software are

Assets Liability

Assets & Liability management

sales report

Sales & Sales Reports

purchase report

Purchase & Purchase Reports

inventory & stock

Stock and Inventory Management with Reports of inventory

profit & loss

Accounting of Above 4 points to generate Balance Sheet & Profit loss Statement

human Resources

Human Resource Acquisition From Application to On-boarding of candidates

human resources managements

Human Resources Management for all employees time tracking, salaries, benefits, approvals and leaves etc.

customer relationship

Customer Relationship Management

customer support

Customer Support Management

business planning

Business Planning for weekly, monthly, yearly, by-annually management

business planning

Project Management

project management

Development Process Management

Function of ERP Systems

all feature

It integrates all the features

employee attendance

Its Automate the physical system (e.g. employee attendance & inventory)

data analysis

Data analysis of all the inputs receives

report analysis

Report generation from the analysis of data

tracking notification

Tracking and Notification of cases

reminder task

Reminders of task and alerts

Above points are all the key features of ERP solution, the cost of ERP with this features almost reach up to 5-7 crore and 1-2 crore per year for support. If you have requirement ERP kindly ask us so that our reps contact you to schedule meeting.