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We believe that “Service stays forever” and this makes it even more important to deliver a flawless pre-sales and post-sales support. It not only ensures client’s trust but also boosts company’s growth by “referrals” and“word of mouth”.

We at VK Control System have more than 3 years of experience in providing support for various software products. Our local support executives nullify the challenge that natives face while working on a software that’s available in English. India being a diverse country has around 22 regional languages which makes it all the more important to have a support that can be delivered in a language of their preference, so that the clients are able to comfortably clear all doubts and understand the product fully.Hence having top support is most noteworthy in retaining clients and helping in on-boarding new clients.

Support even more distinguished in two type

Pre-Sales Support

Pre-sales support is very important part in sales process. This is the lead nurturing process by providing friendly demonstration of product to end user. Once lead happy with demo of product, its’ stronger the relationship with reps’. Lead feels comfortable with the same reps for sharing his doubt before purchasing product. Ultimately pre-sales building the trust by client and help to convert leads to client.


Post-sales support process is helps to retain clients by providing clarification over their doubts, helping to resolve issues in product & accepting their suggestions. Apart from pre-sales, post-sales support plays an important role to keep client benefited by optimum user level of product. After purchasing the product by client, the process of support from scratch to on-boarding and after sales support.